If you want to enjoy a beautiful outdoor space, but don’t have the time, patience or skills to keep up with necessary maintenance, call BVD Services, Inc. for a full array of commercial and residential services, including:

Weekly Lawn Maintenance
Our professionals will turn your lawn into a pristine outdoor environment.  We will frame your beautifully cut lawn with an attractive edge along the perimeter of your lawn and plant beds.  We pay attention to trimming around obstacles and tight spots and we won’t leave until the driveway, sidewalks and porches are blown clean.

Spring/Fall Cleanup
Prepping an outdoor environment for the spring season is as important as prepping for the winter.  Our professionals will work with you to plan cleanup services that will yield the most out of your outdoor environment, including raking leaves, removing lawn debris and removing old plant material.

Mulch Application
Mulch is a natural source of nutrients for your plants with the added bonus of making your plant beds look gorgeous.  Mulch provides protection from harsh winter weather and helps retain water during the high summer heat.  Our professionals will help you decide which type of mulch you prefer and take care of everything else.

Plant & Trim Bushes
Outdoor environments are always changing.  Bushes and plants can flourish or dwindle for a variety of reasons.  Our professionals will help keep your plants looking neat and tidy and/or augment them with new, beautiful selections.

Sod & Seed Grass
New England winters and summers are tough on lawns.  Our professionals can fill in any patches of lawn that have succumbed to the elements.  If more grass in your outdoor space is what you desire, sod is an excellent choice for an instant makeover.

Aeration and Overseeding
Spring and fall seasons provide the right temperatures to prepare your lawn for better health.  Dethatching eliminates layers of dense, old grass that strangles the roots of your grass.  Aeration creates more space for grass roots to grow and allows new grass seed to be planted successfully.

Power Wash Hardscapes
Clean hardscapes accentuate the beauty of a healthy, well-maintained lawn. 

Firewood Delivery/Stacking
Roaring fires throughout the winter are a must, but most people don’t have the time or desire to stock up on firewood.  Our professionals will help you decide on the right type of wood, deliver it to your house and stack it away securely.

Call Bob for a free on-site estimate for any services at 781 333-1107.